How do I train for the MOH Challenge?

Since the Medal of Honor Challenge is a competition focussed upon tactical fitness and the actions of Medal of Honor recipients, a general functional fitness protocol for military soldiers is a good starting point.

Using body-weight exercises and cardiovascular conditioning that emphasize aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance, your physical fitness training should maintain: good technique, high repetitions, low recovery times, and mild intensities.

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Student Clubs

Any student club interested in participating in the event is welcome to co-sponsor and/or provide manpower for the event in trade for table space. Students groups would then be welcome to fundraise or advertise for upcoming programs.

Competition Breakdown

Sunday April 13, 2014 from 1200 to 1600:

Location: Riggs Lawn


  • 12:00p to 12:30p: check in and waiver signing
  • 12:30p to 12:40p: flag raising ceremony
  • 12:40p to 1:00p: obstacle course demonstration and MOH citation reading
  •  1:00p to 1:15p: competition prep and team readiness
  • 1:15p to 3:15p: fitness competition, food, entertainment
  • 3:15p to 3:30p: awards ceremony and sponsor/club recognition

The obstacle course will have 4 obstacles based from actions of New York Medal of Honor recipients. The teammates will be required to navigate the course with a weighted, over sized sandbag. Obstacles will be created with the highest regard to safety. No competitor will be elevated above 48” from the ground. The  obstacles are as follows:

  • Obstacle 1: Navigate a tight space at ground level
  • Obstacle 2: Move along a balance beam
  • Obstacle 3: Crawl under an enclosed space
  • Obstacle 4: Climb over a wall